Accommodation & Medical

International students have the option of staying in either on-campus or off-campus accommodation.

The Office for International Education will assist you in obtaining accommodation, provided you have applied before the following deadlines. You are required to submit your accommodation form at the same time as your academic application in order to avoid unnecessary delays when applying for your visa. The number of places in University residences is limited and is allocated on a first come first serve basis. (Preference is given to South African students.)

Study Abroad students will only be placed in off-campus Accredited Accommodation.


On Campus

Undergraduate Accommodation

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University offers accommodation on-campus in separate male and female residences for undergraduate students and you will be placed according to your year of study and qualification. Once placed, students will receive their placement letters as well as Residence Guide.

Note that residence students are required to participate in a variety of developmental and sporting activities, as well as social and cultural activities. The Residence Manager and elected student governing bodies share the responsibility of addressing the needs of the new residents.

Postgraduate Accommodation

NMMU offers postgraduate accommodation at either the Postgraduate Student Village or in single room accommodation. This accommodation is open to Doctoral, Master’s, Honours and fourth year students on a first-come, first-served basis. The Postgraduate Village has one-, two- and three bedroom units and some units cater for disabled students. Each unit has a fully-equipped kitchen, a lounge and patio.

Each room in the Postgraduate Student Village has its own internal telephone and internet connectivity, and students will be advised of their numbers when they are allocated to their rooms.

Off Campus

Accredited Accommodation

Off-campus accommodation for students is mainly situated in the suburb of Summerstrand, adjacent to North and South campuses. Summerstrand is a beachfront suburb and home to the Boardwalk Casino complex, the Summerstrand Village shopping centre, the Humewood links golf course, several other tourist attractions and the university itself. Many of the suburb’s residents have opened their homes to students, who live in garden cottages or flatlets attached to the main residence. Linen and bedding are not provided and cleaning may be provided by the landlord once a week.

Annie’s Cove

NMMU’s off-campus facility has 56, two-bedroomed units of which a limited number can be converted into sharing rooms. All units are fully equipped and tenants share the bathroom and kitchen. No TV’s are supplied. Linen and bedding are not provided, but the units are cleaned once a week.

North @ Summerstrand

NMMU’s most prominent off-campus facility has single bedrooms units of which a limited number can be converted into sharing rooms. All units are fully equipped and have private shower facilities, tenants share a communal kitchen. Electricity, TV’s and Wi-Fi is supplied. Linen and bedding are provided and units are cleaned once a week.


Application Dates

• 1st Semester: Please apply by 30 September (Deposit R660 payable).

• 1st Semester: Please apply by 15 November (Deposit of R2000 payable).
• 2nd Semester: Please apply by 15 May (Deposit of R2000 payable)

Application Process
• Complete the On-Campus / Off-Campus Application Form
• Submit the proof of payment according to the above deposit
• Include passport photograph

In terms of the Immigration Amendment Act 19 of 2004, any prospective student to the Republic of South Africa, must provide proof of medical cover with a medical scheme registered in terms of the Medical Scheme Act, 1998 Act 131 of 1998.

Medical Aid requirements for Study Permit Application:

Although you may, with some other foreign medical insurance products, secure a study visa from a South African diplomatic mission, NMMU, in accordance with the Medical Schemes Act DOES NOT accept such medical cover for registration purposes. On recommendation of the International Education Association of South Africa (IEASA) in consultation with ABSA Healthcare consultants, the following medical scheme products are recommended as it provides for all the needs of an international student.

Momentum Heath

Join Online at:
Call Us: 0860 102 493
Email Us:

Compcare Wellness

Join Online at:
Call Us: 086 112 4636
Email Us:

What evidence to provide for registration purposes

For registration purposes, NMMU requires proof of full Medical Aid Cover with a South African registered medical aid scheme (no insurance products, from South Africa or abroad, will be accepted) for each full academic calendar year (being from the first day of the month of registration until the last day of November). Study Abroad and Exchange Students must secure medical cover for the full duration of their stay. A minimum of six (6) months cover is provided by medical aid companies, no less. English Skills Students are required to purchase cover for duration of six (6) months. Note that a membership certificate is required, which may easily be obtained through ABSA HCC.

Payment of Medical Cover

It is required that international students make the necessary financial arrangements for the medical aid cover prior to study permit application. Should the student rely on sponsorship he/she should ensure that the sponsor is advised of this requirement at the onset of the sponsorship and this requirement is applicable to NMMU (for example Postgraduate Research Scholarships) related bursaries as well.

Payment for the required medical aid cover fee is made directly to the Medical Aid Company, separately from the tuition fees.

For further enquiries please contact:

ABSA HCC with regard to the products that will be suitable for both your visa application, and registration at this University on:

Email: or
Tel: +27 860 100 380

Further Important Notes:

Block release students: Students need to submit proof of travel insurance for the full duration of their stay in South Africa. Should the student remain in South Africa for the continuation of the year, the student will be required to purchase medical cover.

Degree Seeking Students doing in-service training will be required to make payment for medical cover for the full duration of the stay of the academic period in South Africa.