How to Apply

Admission for International Students to the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University must be viewed against the background of the South African Higher Education system.

The South African Higher Education system operates mostly as a 3-1-1-2 system. This means the following:

An undergraduate bachelor of three years or a four-year professional qualification followed by, in most cases, a one-year postgraduate programme referred to as an Honours degree. This specialist-taught programme is required for entrance to a Master’s programme. Most research Master’s programmes have a one-year minimum duration followed by a two-year minimum registration for a Doctoral programme.

Admissions to all these programmes are based on academic excellence in previous studies. Applications from applicants that acquired an average mark of 60% or higher in their previous qualification, will be considered for admission. Admission to any programme is also determined by the capacity to supervise a postgraduate research topic. Prospective applicants are thus required to provide, along with their application, a complete academic transcript of previous studies, and all other relevant documentation that will assist the University to make an informed admissions decision.

All students, prospective students or applicants who are not citizens or permanent residence of South Africa are considered to be international students. This category may further be broken down into two types:

1) SADC (South African Development Community) students

2) Non-SADC students – students from other parts of Africa and the rest of the world.

Prior to admission, international students are assessed to determine if their school results will give them conditional or full exemption. The foreign school qualification is benchmarked against the South African Senior Certificate with matriculation endorsement as the standard.

Application and Admissions

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Fees and How to Pay

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